Restorative Property Cleaning


As a Hampshire Roof Cleaning company based in Winchester (we travel throughout the UK) we know that Roof Cleaning is important as it clears away dirt, deposits, algae and moss to extend the life of your roof. Your gutters will be clear too. Our warmer, moist winters create a year round breeding ground for lichens, moss and algae. You will notice, particularly on north facing slopes, a greater build up. During a frost, the moisture retained by the growth freezes and that leads to the deterioration of the tiles. Roof tiles last about 50/60 years on average and they need to be cleaned from time to time. Better to prevent than to cure and extend the life span!

Once the state of the roof is assessed, we use steam at 120 – 150 degrees and we start on a very low pressure. Once we find the optimum settings, we proceed with our work to transform your property.

You will see from past work, we achieve optimal results and quality for cleaning roofs, stonework and facades. The impact of time, mild damp winter weather etc. causes the build-up of moss and algae which needs to be cleaned away to leave a fresh look. We have done enough homes to know what works best. Your roof will be completely refreshed and look like new again and our “Clean Green” method also ensures that there is no damage to the garden or flower beds around your home.

We achieve optimal results when cleaning facades. The impact of time, weather, algae or graffiti can be removed to leave a fresh look. We choose the right programme to be gentle and effective. It is the heat of the steam that does the cleaning not high pressure. We use a variety of nozzles on our equipment for wide or narrow spread to manage the steam contact with the surface. We have done enough buildings to know what works best and our results speak for themselves. We take pride in our achievements.


Restorative Property Cleaning