Amazing to see how effective their steam cleaning process is over a conventional power wash. We have an outside kitchen area that is part of our pub, they managed to eradicate all stains/spills. Turned up on time, great communication and able to facilitate the needs of ours to be completed by opening time. Highly recommended

- Mark Thornhill - Roebuck Inn, Winchester

A great result on fragile old buildings , the cleaning and the roofers spruced up the buildings wonderfully.

- Paul Clegg - Littleton, Winchester

We built our home 13 years ago and finished it with Bath Stone. It was badly discoloured from vegetation and pollution. Jonathan and George arrived as promised, early in the morning, set up their impressive equipment and worked tirelessly for 9 hours, at great heights to achieve results I am thrilled with. They even cleaned my brick walls of algae and went above and beyond. An excellent service I will not hesitate to recommend.

- Jane Shalders - Richmond, London

As a stone specialist, we contracted Restorative Property Cleaning to remove and clean a stone clad office building in London. The graffiti was heavily ingrained and previous attempts had been unable to remove it. These guys used specialist chemicals and took healthy and safety protection of passers-by very seriously. They worked a long hard day and achieved stunning results. As a business, we regularly contract these guys to undertake work outside of our capability.

- Alastair Niddrie - Shoreditch, London

We bought a large manor house in 1998 and even then, I was sceptical about the state of the roof. I was recommended to speak to this business and following several meetings, I felt sufficiently confident of their ability to make the repairs and clean the roof within a set budget and timescale. There were many unknowns, due to the heavy moss cover on the roof. Their team worked very long days to carry out the work and remained on budget. 9 days later with 700 tiles having been replaced, my roof had a clean bill of health and 20+ years of concern were behind me. Access was a challenge but these guys had the solution. Our manicured lawns were protected from their impressive equipment and they left the site spotless. The property was transformed. Ask them for the images.

- Tom Selby - Guildford

We live in a 7 year old property which is finished with K render in white. The foliage from the surrounding trees and shrubs have allowed algae to stain the walls. We had tried to clean them ourselves without much success. To be honest, I was not hopeful. Jonathan and George came to my property and agreed to test an area to prove to me they could manage the task. Needless to say I was very impressed and commissioned them to clean the exterior of my home. This was done speedily and efficiently and the property looked as good as new. They clearly know their stuff.

- James Barber - Beaconsfield

My roof looked tired and in a poor state of repair. These guys are professionals and knew exactly what they were doing. In 3 days, my roof looked new and all necessary repairs were made. My friends thought it had been replaced and were surprised to hear of the ingenious process it went through. I cannot recommend this business highly enough.

- Rob Millar - Beaulieu

Did a great job of our roof. We previously used a traditional pressure wash team on the slate but this method resulted in many broken tiles. RPC technique just worked so much better.

- Andrew Reid Thomas - Winchester

Guys did a great job on my terrace.
Professional courteous and competitive.
Would not hesitate recommending them.

- Jonathan Marsh - Wentworth

I was told i needed to re roof following various problems. I was introduced to Restorative Property who came up with a very effective solution by cleaning the roof. It was quick, efficient and it deals with all the issues. Moss growth is underestimated and I recommend everyone consider this rather than being told the only solution is to re roof.

- Adrian Geary - Salisbury

Great guys to work with and stunning results. Really transformed our property. Highly recommend.

- Alistair - Alresford

I met with Jonathan and George who advised me on the best way to tackle the damage and rapidly expanding moss coverage on part of my roof. Their high pressure steam cleaning method was efficient and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. Thanks guys for a great job done.

- Paul Clark - Winchester

I was recommended by a friend to the services if this business. I was impressed with the systems they use. My grade 2 listed barn needed careful work to clean the roof which was heavy with moss. In 2 days the team using lifting gear brought my home back to it's former glory. They even repaired missing and broken tiles and cleaned the gutters. Great value and they did what they promised.

- Julian Gibb - Romsey